Following the illegal poisoning of a golden eagle, Scots are being urgedto be vigilant and report any suspected wildlife crimes.

Speaking on behalf of PAW Scotland (the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime Scotland) Roseanna Cunningham, Scottish minister for environment, said: “I was disgusted to hear of another poisoning of a golden eagle. This is an unacceptable crime against a magnificent creature. There is nothing which can excuse this behaviour and the individual or individuals involved are beneath contempt.

“Our wildlife is world-renowned and a crime against it is a crime against Scotland. The use, in this case, of highly toxic, carbamate poison is particularly worrying as it poses a serious danger to other wild animals, domestic pets and even people.

“We will continue to strive to eradicate this type of crime, working through PAW Scotland, and I would urge anyone with information about this, or any other wildlife crime, to contact the Police.”

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