Merial Animal Health has added Locatim, an oral antibody supplement to aid calf scour management, to its veterinary product portfolio.

LocatimManufactured from the colostrum of high health status cows hyperimmunised against Escherichia coli, rotavirus and coronavirus, Locatim contains a guaranteed concentration of specific antibodies to enterotoxic E coli F5 (K99).

Enhanced protection

When given alongside the dam’s colostrum, Locatim provides enhanced protection against infection, reduces calf mortality due to neonatal diarrhoea caused by E coli F5 (K99) and helps protect calf health during the critical rearing period.

The single 60ml oral dose provides direct transfer of these specific antibodies, giving local protection in the digestive tract and systemic protection after absorption through the intestinal mucosa.

Early administration

For optimal absorption, Locatim should be administered during the first four hours of life, but it can be given up to 12 hours after birth.

Locatim offers a targeted, but flexible solution to aid calf scour management. It can be administered to every calf born during an outbreak of scour, at times of peak calving, when environmental challenge is high and to enhance protection in individual calves at high risk of disease due to dystocia, weakness or the poor quality of the dam’s colostrum.

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