Vets prescribing the gastric ulcer treatment GastroGard (omeprazole) can now select from a larger range of pack sizes, including a “performance pack” that is designed to help cater for larger yards and users.

GastroGard’s new performance pack contains 56 syringes

Alongside this 56 syringe behemoth (pictured), Merial Animal Health has also launched a new 14 tube pack and a single tube dispensing pack for preventive use.

The new pack sizes are in addition to the existing range.

Louise Radford, Merial’s equine marketing and technical manager, claims the new pack sizes will help vets supply prevention and treatment courses of GastroGard to more specifically meet the differing requirements of their clients.

She said: “The unique formulation in GastroGard is proven to deliver omeprazole beyond the stomach to areas of the gut where it can be rapidly and consistently absorbed into the bloodstream.

Dr Radford also noted how the single tube option provides a convenient prevention dose solution at one quarter of the normal treatment dose. She said: “This is for horses known to be at risk of developing the condition, such as when travelling and in competition. Conversely, the performance pack provides a treatment programme for horses diagnosed with gastric ulcers.”

  • For more information contact your local Merial equine territory specialist or call Merial Customer Support on 0870 6000123.
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