When a former employee approached Medivet to ask if it would support his campaign to save the white rhino in southern Africa, the firm jumped at the chance.

Renowned wildlife vet and rhino specialist Dr William Fowlds is campaigning to ensure the survival of this iconic species in the face of the current poaching crisis decimating rhino populations across Africa.

A Medivet spokesman said: “This was a project close to our hearts and we could see how crucial it was to intervene immediately if this species wasn’t going to disappear forever.

“The use of unmanned drones forms a key element of Will’s work tracking and monitoring the rhino population on the ground. We have given Will an iPad to run the drone software. We are also sponsoring the purchase of further equipment, including mobile radiography units.

“Raising awareness of the plight of one of our planet’s precious wild animals is high on our agenda, so we plan to keep the veterinary community up to date with news from Will. His work is already starting to have an impact, and his passion and commitment to saving the rhino is building support in the UK and around the world.”

Mr Fowlds’ work was recently featured on BBC’s Operation Wild (#operationwild), which will help bring the devastating impact of poaching to the wider public. It is hoped the coverage will assist in raising funds, as well as start to change attitudes to wildlife across the planet.

“We’re proud to be able to support Will’s work, which marries technical innovation and veterinary skill to an ambitious conservation project,” the spokesman added.

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