A Norfolk vet has become one of only a handful of athletes to run four marathons in four consecutive days.

Dr Marie Bouvet after becoming one of a select band of marathon athletes.

The feat was all the more remarkable for Marie Bouvet as her day one run was an ultra-marathon of 32 miles, not the usual 26 distance.

Dr Bouvet, who works at Cherry Tree Vets based in Diss, Norfolk, only became interested in running in 2012 after being in the capital at the same time as the London Marathon.

She thought it “looked fun” and decided to try it someday. In her own words she went from couch potato to marathon runner in only five months.

One marathon led to another, raising money for The Blue Cross and Macmillan cancer support before she set herself the challenge of running three marathons only two weeks apart – and succeeded.

Dr Bouvet has now completed her most demanding running feat by completing the Great Barrow Challenge – a distance of 110 miles in four days comprising a 32-mile ultra-marathon followed by three, back-to-back normal 26-mile marathons.

She said: “In a sporting challenge such as ultra running, no one competes against the other. It is not a race, finishing is the only thing that matters.

“As long as your legs can carry you, finishing is a matter of will. If you lose the will, another runner will help get your morale back on track. The body recovers very quickly – so long as no major injury strikes you down, you keep going.”

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