A last minute appeal is being made to embrace a fund-raising campaign seeking to provide continued veterinary support to the Pine Marten Recovery Project.

Pine-Olivia13The call comes from Wildlife Vets International (WVI) which supports the project that aims to increase the mammals presence in Britain.

Persecuted pine martens

According to WVI, pine martens were once a very common sight on these shores until they were persecuted during the Victorian period when numbers fell dramatically and never recovered.

However, populations thrived in Scotland and the Pine Marten Recovery Project and the Vincent Wildlife Trust concluded that supplementing UK populations with their Scottish cousins was the way forward.

Expertise shared

Due to expertise in disease risk assessment for endangered carnivores in the wild and translocation programmes, Wildlife WVI was invited to contribute to the project.

WVI translocated 20 pine martens from Scotland to Wales in In autumn 2015. Most of the females bred this year, indicating the process has not interrupted their breeding cycle. Due to the success, 19 more were translocated this autumn.

Activities for next year include monitoring the population for disease and possibly translocating some more, but more funds are required.

Last minute appeal

“Please support this project by telling as many people as you know to share this email, sign up to follow WVI on social and like, share and RT to get the message to as many people as we can. Of course, we would be delighted if you would donate too,” a spokesman said.

Match funding is available to double all donations given online through http://bit.ly/pinemartens before noon on Tuesday 6 December.

Match funding has been pledged by Virbac, Pet-ID, The Reed Foundation and private donors.

For more information visit Facebook/WildlifeVetsInternational  Twitter/@WildlifeVetsInt

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