Following the 2011 launch of the Bovivet complete Hoof Bandage, Kruuse UK has listened to cattle vets’ suggestions and has introduced a new red, extra-large size.

After listening to cattle vets’ suggestions, following the 2011 launch of the Bovivet complete Hoof Bandage, Kruuse UK has introduced a new red, extra-large size.

XL Bovivet hoof bandageAn estimated 70% of dairy herds suffer with digital dermatitis (DD) and, if not treated, it can persist for months, causing pain and lameness to infected cows.

The most effective way to fight DD has been found to be the management and treatment of individual animals (washing the infected hoof, applying an antibiotic/drying agent, such as salicylic acid powder, and then applying a dressing that must remain in place, usually for three days).

However, it can be hard to correctly dose the salicyclic acid powder and there can be complications in ensuring that the dressing is correctly applied at the right pressure and that it stays in place.

This can be made easier by using the Kruuse Bovivet complete Hoof Bandage, which is ready to apply, along with Kruuse Hoof Gel 38% with aloe vera (that acts as a buffer to the acid which will debride the top layer of the skin), which contains 38% salicyclic acid.

Stuart Wilson from Kruuse UK said: “Since the launch in the UK early last year, the hoof bandage has been very well received by cattle vets, but we were told by them that a larger version was needed in some cases.”

The instructional video below demonstrates the ease of use and versatility of these two products.


An estimated cost per hoof, assuming ten treatments from a bottle of the gel, is £2.71.


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