Dog owners’ lack of research before buying is resulting in tens of thousands of dogs being rehomed each year, the Kennel Club (KC) has warned.

The charity believes a dog welfare crisis looms as lifestyle changes, a lack of training and time are revealed to be the main reasons dogs are rehomed.
New research has shown women aged between 35-44 are more likely to give their dogs away to be rehomed than their male counterparts.
According to the KC, more than 50% of dogs given up for rehoming are done so by women, compared to 17% by men and 27% by couples who made the decision jointly.
KC secretary Caroline Kisko said: “People really need to explore their reasons for wanting a dog in the first place, do the research properly and invest time into training their dog.
“We are seeing an increasing number of owners being driven by celebrity trends in choice of dog breed, such as the French bulldog, owned by Millie Mackintosh, Jessie J and Jonathan Ross.
Every year dogs are abandoned or given up when the novelty wears off.

“Dogs are a lifelong commitment and anyone considering getting a pet needs to be sure they will be able to properly care for the animal for the rest of its life.”
KC breed rescue organisations last year rehomed more than 20,000 dogs, according to a survey of 329 breed rescues.
January was revealed to be the busiest month, highlighting the impact of many families being unprepared for getting a dog and potentially still purchasing them as a Christmas gift, despite advice to the contrary. 
More than one in three breed rescue organisations reported an increase of dogs needing to be rehomed compared with 2012.
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