The Kennel Club has criticised new guidance issued by DEFRA designed tocrack down on the problem of dangerous dogs, believing it fails totackle the issue effectively.

The Kennel Club – which runs the secretariat for the Dangerous Dogs Act Study Group – has long been calling on the government to repeal and replace the current legislation, which it believes has done nothing to protect the public or reduce the number of pitbull terrier type dogs in the UK.

Dangerous dog? In fact, the club believes that DEFRA should look at ways to amend the legislation on dangerous dogs instead of simply issuing new guidance on how to enforce the existing law.

KC communications director Caroline Kisko claimed the implementation of the Dangerous Dogs Act had not prevented a large number of dog attacks or targeted irresponsible owners whose dogs are deliberately trained to be aggressive.

In fact, she feels the act has had an “extremely negative effect on the welfare of many dogs, which have either languished in kennels for many years or been euthanased simply because of their breed or type.”

She said: “The current legislation is draconian, severely flawed, and does little to protect the public. We do not believe this guidance will do anything to improve the situation.

“While the Kennel Club welcomes any efforts being made to share information between the relevant enforcement agencies, we believe that they have an unenviable task in trying to police an inadequate piece of legislation.”

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