The Kennel Club (KC) has announced changes to its Assured Breeder Scheme (ABS) to further improve dog health and responsible breeding.

Alaskan malamute: test now needed for polyneuropathy.

Changes have been introduced following consultations with breed clubs and councils, in a collaborative effort to encourage responsible breeding.

Maintain progress

Bill Lambert, KC health and breeder services manager, said: “The most recent set of changes to the ABS will help maintain maximum progress for dog health improvements and encourage good breeding practices, to protect the future of our much-loved pedigree dogs.

“Recommendations have been added for five breeds and have come about as a direct result of input from those who love and care for their breeds – the breed clubs and councils we work with.

“These changes demonstrate how we adapt the scheme to the specific needs of different breeds with regards to health testing and welfare, and will have a positive impact on the breeds involved, as well as the wider pedigree dog population.

“The ABS is designed to be flexible to enable us to make these types of changes to suit the needs of different breeds, and we are looking forward to further developing the scheme to help ensure puppy buyers are signposted to good breeders for healthy and happy puppies.”

As with previous changes, existing assured breeders have a period of grace of six months to comply with any new requirements and recommendations.

Breed-specific changes

  • Alaskan malamute: Add recommendation of DNA test – Alaskan malamute polyneuropath
  • French bulldog: Add recommendation of “participation in French bulldog health scheme”
  • Hungarian puli: Add recommendation of “bitches less than 18 months of age not to be mated”
  • Miniature schnauzer: Add recommendation of eye testing (litter screening)
  • Tibetan mastiff: Add recommendation of elbow grading

More information on the ABS can be found at ABS section of the KC website. 

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