The famous “cats of the internet” have banded together in a bid to hit the charts with a charity single – to help save lions and tigers and raise awareness of endangered species.

Launching on World Cat Day (August 8), CatAid is a “hilarious and moving” parody of the famous Do They Know It’s Christmas and We Are the World music videos from the 1980s, using animated versions of well-known YouTube cats.

The video and song, If You Care, Care for the Wild, aims to inform the public that extinction in the wild for both lions and tigers is a real possibility within the next 20 years.

Lions are already extinct in over 25 African countries, and there are only 250 lions left in the whole of west Africa, with a total of less than 30,000 across the continent. Only around 3,200 tigers remain in the wild, anywhere. Both species are under threat from hunting and poaching, often for their skin and body parts, which are used in traditional Chinese medicine and for “tiger wine”. Habitat loss and conflict with humans also takes a massive toll.

CatAid was the idea of JWT London, an international creative agency that supports international charity Care for the Wild in raising awareness about endangered animals.

Christiano Neves from JWT London said: “There’s no denying cats are massive on the internet. They dance, they hide, they do silly things and they always have millions and millions of views. So why not use these cats to deliver our serious message: if you care, care for the wild.”

Care for the Wild CEO Philip Mansbridge said: “As a wildlife charity we know how much people love lions and tigers. But we also know that they don’t understand quite how serious the situation is. It’s hard to imagine a world without these big cats, but it’s going to happen unless we all do something about it. Hopefully this video will get the message out in a way that people notice – while watching a brilliant video and singing along to a frighteningly catchy song.”

To support CatAid in its endeavour, you can buy the song from Bandcamp for just 99p, or make a donation via the Care for the Wild website.

You can watch the video on Care for the Wild’s YouTube page, and the charity asks that everyone share the song far and wide on Facebook and Twitter to help make everyone aware of the issues facing big cats.

  • To find out more about the way Care for the Wild helps lions and tigers, and how members of the public can help, visit
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