A hand-held, battery powered, infusion fluid droplet counter and alarm, DripAssist is now available for sale to vets in the UK.

The device, first demonstrated at the British Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress, was developed in the US and singled out as one of the key new products at this year’s conference held by the North American Veterinary Community in Florida in January.

The DripAssist allows practices to monitor fluid flow rates and total amount of fluid infused, and raises the alarm should the flow significantly change or when the bag contents are emptied.

Kevin Ingram of JAK Marketing, which is selling the device for £175 plus VAT, said: “The DripAssist will fit UK standard giving set drip chambers and will prove to be easy and accurate in use.

“Many practices use infusion pumps, but these require periodic maintenance and calibrating. For use in the operating theatre and recovery kennels, the DripAssist will represent a very practical alternative.

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