Users of Virbac’s veterinary household insecticide spray can now access useful interactive product information by using the Blippar smartphone app to scan the Indorex can.

Virbac is using augmented reality technology as part of an initiative to boost compliance.

Blippar is an app embracing augmented reality technology that can be downloaded on any smart device and “brings packaging to life“.

In the case of Indorex, this allows owners to access accurate, trustworthy, post-dispensing educational information – from details about fleas and house dust mites to videos on how to use products correctly. 

“Blippable” packaging has already been introduced on Virbac’s Milpro and Prinovox products as part of an initiative to boost compliance.

Product manager Kate Woolley explained: “As more and more of us access information through our smart devices, offering educational support materials via Blippar is an effective way to engage with owners, giving them the information they need to use the product effectively in an innovative yet convenient way.

“The support materials we have created include a video showing how to use Indorex in the home, information about how fleas and house dust mites affect us and an interactive Q&A tool.”
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