Practices can use a new function of the IDEXX VetConnect PLUS software from 22 October, which will enable them to request external laboratory tests at the click of a button.

test tubes
The new function will speed up the process of conducting analytical tests. Photo image: tolga ulusoy.

The software’s extra functionality will simplify and speed up the process of carrying out analytical tests.

Simon Wootton, IDEXX UK marketing manager (companion animal group), said: “The user interface will now allow practitioners to search for tests by name, code, component or by a number of pre-populated frequently used, popular tests, making it easy to find and request the appropriate test.

“Once a test is selected, the practitioner is presented with a range of relevant additional information. This includes sampling requirements, possible interferences and diagnostic usage indications, all designed to help avoid common pitfalls with test choice and sampling techniques. Patient data is also stored, so only needs to be entered once.

“Another feature is the ability to edit the order and add tests while the sample is in transit, if these are required based on the clinical presentation,” he said.

VetConnect PLUS is free-to-use technology and part of the IDEXX philosophy of delivering innovative solutions for practitioners to help improve animal health.

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