Practices could save 70p per printed letter on average over the traditional print and post method, says hybrid mail specialist Docmail.

New figures have revealed veterinary practices could be saving at least £35m in mailing costs each year if they made a switch from manually printing, stuffing, sealing, stamping and posting their written correspondence to using what is known as “hybrid mail”.

Hybrid mail offers significant cost and time savings over conventional posting procedures.The figures, released by hybrid mailing specialist Docmail, estimates if all 5,000 vet practices in the UK changed their procedures, their mailing costs would be reduced by an average of £7,000 per clinic.

According to Docmail, using hybrid mail – which allows print and post directly from a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone – saves, on average, 70p per printed letter over the traditional print and post method, offering “significant savings in administrative time and postage costs”.

Martin Brice, founder of Emerson’s Green Veterinary Surgery in Bristol, has already seen the benefits of hybrid mail after making the switch in 2009.

He said: “Before we discovered this type of service, mailing letters was a huge administrative task – the printer would be running for hours, sometimes days, at a time, which meant we couldn’t really print anything else.

“Undoubtedly, we have cut our stationery and postage bill, but by far the biggest benefit for us as a practice is the time it saves – not only does it save us time printing and stuffing envelopes, but being able to select different databases with a few clicks makes it easy for use to organise and categorise our mailings.

“This level of efficiency for us as a small independent business is significant. We have cut staff time by 75%, and that allows us to dedicate more time to clients and patients and maintaining our high standards of service.”

Managing director of Docmail Dave Broadway said: “Hybrid mail is still a relatively new solution, but with the proven time and cost savings that it brings, all veterinary practice managers should take note.

“We appreciate business owners, managers and finance officers have a tricky balancing act to make budgets go further, become more efficient, and deliver the same level of service and care. When you consider the time and cost efficiencies of hybrid mail, and the continuing uncertainty at Royal Mail, [it] offers a tangible, exciting alternative to traditional post, and all for less than the price of a first class stamp.”

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