A Lincolnshire vet has won Vet Futures “Headlines of tomorrow” competition for his suggestion the veterinary and medical professions work together to tackle obesity in animals and humans.

Big issue: obesity highlighted by competition winner.

The competition was held at the British Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress in April where Vet Futures’ themed fortune cookies contained a message asking attendees “what future headline do you want to see?” and providing a weblink to enter the competition.

Collaborate on obesity

David Bull was chosen as the winner by the Vet Futures Project Board, which oversees the joint Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and British Veterinary Association project, with his headline “Vets and medics collaborate to prevent human and animal obesity”.

Mr Bull, a joint partner at Vets4Pets in Lincoln South and an advanced practitioner in general small animal surgery, received a Kindle Fire for his efforts.

He said: “The headline was inspired by topical issues, having ‘One Health’ in mind and the issue of obesity in our patients, as well as the general human population. I feel these are some of the big issues of our time, especially that of obesity, which has been linked to so many other diseases and is essentially a self-induced problem.

“We see so many overweight cats, dogs and rabbits daily. It seems to be becoming a more common problem, as well as seemingly more accepted in society.

“This is to the extent we have some clients that come in worried because they have been told their dog is too thin, when in fact they are in an ideal body condition and are being compared to overweight pets which have become perceived as normal.”

Big issues

Some of the other topics raised in the competition include the veterinary profession taking the lead in tackling “superbugs“, vets topping job satisfaction and well-being polls, and the profession taking a leading role in One Health and medical advancements.

Vets, vet nurses and other members of the practice team can also enter a Vet Futures essay writing competition in which they are asked to write an essay of no more than 1,000 words on an idea that will transform the profession by 2030.

The deadline for submitting an entry is Monday, August 31 and the winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the London Vet Show in November.

More details can be found at the Vet Futures website.

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