The Society of Greyhound Veterinarians (SGV) has voiced its concern over the apparent transport of injured greyhounds between Great Britain and Ireland for the purpose of obtaining veterinary treatment.

SGV believes that subjecting injured dogs to such long journeys is unnecessary as there is no shortage of veterinary surgeons with the appropriate training and experience.

While the group recognises every greyhound owner has the right to attend the veterinary practice of their choice, it feels the desire to obtain what is perceived as “the best available treatment” for an injured dog must be tempered by consideration of its welfare needs.

An SGV statement said: “In this context we note that, whether travelling by sea or by air, dogs in transit across the Irish Sea are unavoidably left unattended for some hours during the journey, which in our opinion is not in their best welfare interests.

“While we admittedly have no legal training, we would suggest that some if not all of these journeys may potentially breach the terms of the EU legislation covering the welfare of animals during transport EU 1/2005.

“We call upon everyone working in the greyhound industry in whatever capacity to lend their weight to our campaign to rigorously enforce existing legislation and end this unnecessary traffic in injured greyhounds.”

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