A dog bit off more than it could chew when it wolfed down nine chocolate bars, leading to a reissued warning from vets about the danger confectionery poses for pets.

Vet Nikki Holt with owners Hilary Eveleigh and daughter Beth.
Vet Nikki Holt with owners Hilary Eveleigh and daughter Beth.

Inquisitive boxer-cross Molly sniffed out the treats even though they were in a wrapped cardboard box.

Pick and mix

After devouring 9 of the 16 bars, which her owners had been intending to take to a sale at their local church, Molly fell asleep in her bed.

On making the discovery, owners Hilary and John Eveleigh took Molly to Ashland Veterinary Centre, where vet Nikki Holt induced vomiting and kept her overnight for observation.

Highly toxic

Miss Holt said: “Molly had eaten a highly toxic amount and it was a real worry as it could have been fatal.

“Although she was okay in herself, it had made her hyperactive and her heart rate was dangerously high as a result of eating it.

“If a dog eats chocolate, our advice is to telephone a vet without delay and provide us with information on how much and what kind of chocolate has been eaten.

“Dogs sniff out chocolate – even through wrapping paper – and get into boxes, so keep everything high up and locked in a cupboard.”

Molly made a full recovery and is now back home. Mrs Eveleigh, who looks after Molly for daughter Beth, said: “She is a much-loved family pet, so it was very worrying.

“She is a very greedy dog and we can’t leave anything lying about. Owners must be aware even if chocolate is wrapped up, it can still be a danger.”

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