Genitrix has launched Dormilan, a new product said to offer fast-acting sedation and analgesia for dogs and cats.

Formulated using established alpha-2 agonist medetomidine hydrochloride, Dormilan is indicated for sedation to facilitate the restraint of animals during clinical examinations and for pre-medication prior to general anaesthetic.

It is said to offer dose-related sedation within 10 to 15 minutes and is presented as a clear and colourless solution for injection in 10ml glass vials at a price of £28.

Commenting on the launch of Dormilan, Rob Watkins, marketing director of Genitrix, said: “Genitrix is known for developing innovative and niche animal health products that generate additional revenue streams for vet practices. We’re now looking to add to the support we provide to vet practices by offering a range of highly cost effective tried and trusted practice ‘standards’ – products designed for everyday use in practices.

“Dormilan is the first product in this series of Genitrix Standards and provides a trusted and highly effective solution for the injectable sedation and analgesia of dogs and cats.”

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