Genitrix has repackaged its palatable, fenbendazole-based treatment forinternal parasites, with an easy dose syringe mechanism to allow itsaccurate administration to rabbits, ferrets, exotic birds andreptiles.

To make life simpler for pet owners, it has also provided detailed dosing instructions for worming all the species for which it is indicated.

First launched in 2008, Lapizole is a broad spectrum oral-antiparaciticide for use in the prevention and treatment of infections caused by internal parasites of rabbits, birds, reptiles and ferrets, including Encephalitozoon cuniculi (E. cuniculi) in rabbits.

Lapizole doser Rob Watkins, marketing director for Genitrix, said: “Lapizole proved itself as a highly effective treatment for E. cuniculi during its first year. Many of our customers have expressed the wish to use the treatment on a broader range of animals and in species groups for which highly accurate dosing and a syringe mechanism would be vital.

“We’ve taken their feedback on board and are delighted to be making Lapizole available to them with its new dispenser.

“The combination of efficacy, easy dosage and palatability make it an ideal product for the control of internal parasites in these species.”

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