HealthforAnimals (formerly IFAH) has welcomed news that antibiotic resistance is one of the key issues being discussed at the 41st G7 Summit in Bavaria today (June 8, 2015).

The association claims it is important that antibiotics are used responsibly whenever they are employed, whether by the human medical world, the veterinary sector, or elsewhere.

A press release from the association claimed: “HealthforAnimals encourages a stronger dialogue and co-operation between the two medical sectors to ensure the continued availability of antibiotics for both human and veterinary medicines.”

However, the organisation claimed a general call for reduction in the use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine is inappropriate and would be damaging to the health and welfare of animals, with potentially a significant impact on the human population. Instead, it flagged up the increased need for innovation within both sectors to find new antibiotics.

HealthforAnimals executive director Carel du Marchie Sarvaas said: “Effective and targeted use of antibiotics will be an essential part of any strategy to turn back the tide of infectious disease and increased resistance. In addition to all stakeholders involved adopting measures to ensure appropriate and responsible use, there is also a need for a regulatory environment which stimulates innovation and allows the global animal health industry – as well as the human pharmaceutical sector – to keep developing new and innovative products.”

“There is a need to agree on successful strategies to keep existing antibiotics working to the benefit of all, and we can only achieve that through cross-cooperation between the two medical sectors together with all stakeholders involved.”
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