Pygmy hedgehogs, giant snails and tarantulas rank among Britain’s most unusual pets according to website survey.

A survey conducted by a top pet ownership website has revealed that some UK pet owners have some unusual companion animals.

Achatina.Dogs, cats and fish remain the most popular pets in Britain, but it appears far more exotic animals are fast winning places in the nation’s hearts.

Pet owners taking part in the survey revealed they owned – or would consider buying or adopting – pygmy hedgehogs, frogs, snails and even boa constrictors.

“We were amazed by some of the answers we received,” said Mark Singleton of the website, “and it’s obvious that despite some of the weird animals people have that they care for them just as well as any conventional pet.”

“Pygmy hedgehogs are very popular among exotic pet owners, and they are surprisingly low maintenance; while tarantulas are popular because of their obvious shock value. Once you’ve invested in the right equipment they, too, are easy to look after.”

“We probably wouldn’t advise cuddles, though.”

Unfortunately, some exotic pets don’t live up to their reputation. He added: “While meerkats are legal to own as pets and there are many satisfied owners, there was a surge of abandoned pets not so long ago as people found looking after them wasn’t quite so simple.

“I think this underlines the need for proper research before plunging into the exotics market, and we at are ideally placed to help out.

“But if you’re not certain, get a cat instead.”

Britain’s most usual pets:
1. Pygmy hedgehog
2. Tarantula
3. Meerkat
4. Tree frog
5. Giant snail
6. Owls
7. Boa constrictor
8. Scorpion
9. Chameleon
10. Chipmunk

Britain’s top 10 pets:
1. Fish
2. Dogs
3. Cats
4. Rabbits / guinea pigs
5. Birds
6. Chickens
7. Hamsters
8. Rats
9. Tortoises
10. Horses

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