Leisure nutritionists have taken to the road to bring free nutrition support to horses and ponies around the country.

This service, run by Spillers, provides feeding advice for horse and pony owners, together with the use of a portable weigh bridge.

Nicki Smith has joined the company to cover the south of England while long-term Spillers leisure nutritionist Isabel Harker covers the north.

Choosing the right feed and maintaining the right weight are common concerns for many owners. The Spillers team will assess a horse’s weight and individual feeding needs and discuss any concerns or queries with owners.

They can also teach owners condition scoring and are able to visit regularly to help monitor progress and fine-tune the feeding programme.

Owners are given a record card at the end of the session, showing the horse’s current weight, condition score and suggested diet plan.

Nicki is a keen rider and enjoys show jumping her Holstein mare Tia and showing her mountain and moorland mare Quiver, with which she hopes to qualify for Horse of the Year Show. She was a working pupil for some of the UK’s top riders before taking up a career in sales and marketing.

She gained considerable experience with international brands before joining the Mars horse care team.

To find out more, telephone 01908 226626 or visit www.spillers-feeds.co.uk

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