The BVA has warned owners to make sure their homes are safe for pets over the festive season by keep an eye out for food that can be toxic to animals.

The BVA has warned owners to make sure their homes are safe for pets over the festive season.

Earlier this month the BVA joined other charities in asking Morrisons to withdraw an advertisement that showed a small boy feeding Christmas pudding to a dog.

Keep your pets healthy this Christmas....Christmas pudding, Christmas cake and mince pies contain sultanas and raisins, which are toxic to pets, while chocolate, grapes, sweets, liquorice, onions, garlic and unshelled nuts are all potentially harmful.

BVA president Peter Jones said: “Christmas is a time for families and we’re reminding pet owners it’s also time to remember the health and welfare of their animals too.

Keep chocolate santa for the kids  “Our message to pet owners is to forget festive food for four-legged friends and don’t ruin your Christmas through carelessness. The loss or illness of a family pet is devastating, but poisoning in the home can be easily avoided.

“Some substances may make your animal drool or vomit so they should always have access to clean drinking water. If there is any doubt or concern, owners should contact their vet for advice immediately.

“Owners should check with their veterinary surgeon about emergency cover provision and holiday opening hours – or, if you are away from home, use the RCVS’s Find a Vet facility at to find a veterinary practice in an emergency.”

The BVA’s charity, the Animal Welfare Foundation, in conjunction with the Veterinary Poisons Information Service, has produced a “Pets and Poisons” leaflet drawing attention to common household and garden substances that may seem innocent, but which can be very dangerous to pets.

  • Vets and members of the public can request copies of the leaflet by emailing
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