A three-month-old foal is being rehomed by a nursing assistant after it was found close to death on the coldest month of the year.

Frodo: nursed back to full health at Penny Farm.

The foal, named Frodo, was brought to Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre near Blackpool after it was found collapsed a few weeks ago, when freezing temperatures were gripping the country.

Frodo was found by field officer Rachel Andrews when she visited a group of cobs left in a field in Cheshire without adequate food, water or protection from the bitter conditions.

She immediately noticed tiny foal Frodo who was incredibly weak, had a distended belly due to an infestation of parasitic worms, was crawling with lice and had absolutely no spark left in him.

After repeated attempts to trace his owner, Rachel removed Frodo with assistance from the RSPCA and the police, and took him to Penny Farm.

Thanks to the dedicated team, which included equine nursing assistant Katie Eva, Frodo battled his ailments and just a few weeks on has grown in confidence and strength.

Suzanne Green from Oakhill Veterinary Centre, whose team treated the foal, said: “Frodo is extremely lucky to have been removed when he was – given another 24 hours he would certainly have died.”

Over the past four weeks, Frodo has been given a special diet to help him grow and gain much-needed strength.

Centre manager Fran Williamson said: “It’s fantastic to see Frodo up and about in just a few weeks bearing in mind he needed such intensive care from the veterinary team and our grooms. His strength of character is a wonderful reward for all the nights spent nursing him and the turn-around is just remarkable. We couldn’t be more delighted that one of the dedicated team who helped save his life is able to give him the safe and loving home he deserves.”

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