Robinson Animal Healthcare has a range of first-aid products for the equine market, including an activated carbon dressing, a crepe bandage and a “world-renowned” multi-layered poultice and wound dressing.

Robinson Animal healthcare has a range of first-aid products for the equine market.

EquiwrapVeterinary Gamgee is an absorbent, high-quality cotton wool enclosed in a non-woven or gauze cover and is used to promote wound healing by insulating, cushioning and protecting wounds from external trauma.

According to the company, the non-woven product is “ideal” for providing a low-adherent wound interface and can be used for protection, insulation and absorbency.

Activate is an activated carbon dressing for cleansing and healing open and infected wounds. The multi-layered dressing uses the carbon to attract and absorb bacteria into the dressing, keeping contamination away from the wound surface.

Equiwrap (pictured) is a “powerful, flexible bandage that sticks to itself” and comes in a range of colours, including fluorescent pink, green and orange. It is made from easy-to-tear elasticated crepe and comes in single 10cm x 4.5m rolls.

Animalintex, according to the company, is a “world-renowned” multi-layered poultice and wound dressing that is also licensed for use on dog wounds and can be applied as a wet, hot or cold poultice, or as a dry dressing, to suit the needs of the injury. It contains an antiseptic and tragacanth, a natural poulticing agent, to draw out infection and create a clean area. The 41cm x 21cm dressing can be cut and shaped and retails at around £5.50.


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