Time is running out for VNs to apply for the chance to study the Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency and Critical Care (Cert VN ECC) for free.

VN Times is offering a bursary for one RVN taking the Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency and Critical Care.
VN Times is offering a bursary for one RVN taking the Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency and Critical Care.

Our sister publication VN Times has again joined forces with Vets Now to offer a bursary for one course and exam, meaning what usually costs an RVN £1,000 will, in fact, be free.

However, the closing date to apply for the bursary is Wednesday 15 February.

April intake

The next intake for the Cert VN ECC industry-recognised City and Guilds level four qualification is on 1 April. All course content will be delivered via an e-learning platform, which is delivered online over an 18-month period.

Students are expected to complete six core units and the accompanying coursework, submitted to tutors for marking. The final award of the certificate is dependent on successful completion of the final assessment papers.

The successful applicant will be required to complete 350-word columns, to be printed in VN Times every two months, updating readers on the course.

How to apply

If you have already enrolled on the course, or if the idea of having it funded means you would like to, and you want to apply for the bursary, all VN Times requires is 50 words from you on why you want to take the Cert VN ECC.

Email this to VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard at rebeccahubbard@vbd.co.uk using the subject line “Cert VN ECC”, with your name and telephone number accompanying your entry in the body of the email.

The winner will not only have his or her certificate and exam paid for, but will also become a regular contributor to VN Times for the duration of the course.

Closing date

As Vets Now is closing certificate applications on 28 February, the closing date for VN Times bursary entries is 15 February. More information is available in January’s VN Times.

Terms and conditions

1) The competition is open to any UK-based RVN enrolled on the Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency and Critical Care starting this April, as well as those still wanting to apply. However, RVNs working for Vets Now are not eligible, as they can apply for additional funding through the company already.

2) The successful RVN must supply a 350-word column every two issues to VN Times on how the course is progressing/the experience he or she is having on the course. Vets Now will have sight of the submissions before print, and the editor of VN Times has the right to edit these to house style. The winner of the bursary will work with the editor directly regarding style and deadlines.

3) All entries for the bursary must be at least 40 words long and no longer than 50. Entries must be supplied with an accompanying name and telephone number, and sent to rebeccahubbard@vbd.co.uk under the subject line “Cert VN ECC”. Any entry falling outside of these requirements will be declared null and void.

4) After the certificate is successfully completed, the chosen RVN must make every effort to attend the certificate ceremony in person for presentation and picture purposes, with Vets Now funding travel expenses to help facilitate attendance. If the VN can’t attend for any reason, a separate meeting between VN Times and the VN will be set up to secure what is required.

5) If the winner is an RVN already enrolled on the course, and therefore paid up, Vets Now will arrange a refund to that RVN, with VN Times paying the deficit. If it is a newly enrolled RVN, VN Times will pay Vets Now directly on his or her behalf.

6) If the successful RVN is unable to continue with the course for whatever reason, he or she can defer until a later cohort. The bursary will remain in place and the written submissions to VN Times will continue once the RVN resumes the course. The maximum time out period for this is six months, and incurs a £10 fee, to be paid by the RVN to Vets Now. The same conditions apply if the RVN decides to defer the final exam. However, if the RVN wishes to withdraw from or cancel the course entirely, the RVN forfeits the funding, and the amount remaining – dependent on how much of the course has been completed – will be transferred to a second student of VN Times’ choosing. This VN will, therefore, have his or her course part-funded, and will take over responsibility for the VN Times written submissions for the rest of his or her course.

7) The closing date for VN Times bursary applications is 15 February. The winning applicant will be notified by 24 February.

8) If the successful RVN has not completed an online application for the Cert VN ECC by the time he or she is notified of his or her bursary win, he or she must do so before the course closing date of 28 February.

9) This competition only applies to the cohort of RVNs taking the course commencing on 1 April. It does not apply to any other course or cohort.

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