A film that confronts some of the public’s misconceptions about the use of animal medicines in the food production chain has been released by the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH).

Presented at the Animal Health Distributors Association’s (AHDA) annual conference, delegates were shown the film – Animal Medicines in Food Production: The Food Industry Perspective – which has been produced by NOAH to help the food chain industry understand consumer knowledge on the use of animal medicines in farming.
A second film – Animal Medicines in Food Production: Challenging the Myths – is aimed at consumers themselves.
The findings in both films were based on a survey carried out by grocery experts IGD on behalf of NOAH, which investigated levels of awareness among consumers. They were presented to AHDA delegates by Phil Sketchley, the office’s chief executive.
Mr Sketchley said while the public was generally supportive of the use of animal medicines in farm production, there was a knowledge gap among consumers about the way medicines were used.
“It was interesting to discover how much people knew about medicines in food production,” he said. “There were some very positive attitudes among consumers, particularly towards the way British farmers care for their animals. But there were still some areas of concern – for example, with the belief among a large number of people that growth hormones were still being used on UK farms, despite the fact they have been banned since 1988.
“The industry film should help people involved in food production understand what consumers are thinking when it comes to animal medicines. Animal health and welfare and ensuring sick animals are treated is a big issue, and food producers and retailers need to be able to communicate clearly with consumers on the subject of animal medicines.
“It is important there is transparency on all issues of animal health and welfare,” he said.
Visit YouTube to view the consumer film or the industry film.

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