Equine vets and horse owners will have access to the latest research and resources on common emergency conditions in horses with the launch of a website.

VetReactVetReact has been set up by an equine research group at The University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science. The team hopes the site will be the “go-to” resource for the latest evidence-based advice and information on clinical best practice in horse medicine.


VetReact adds to the national campaign by the Nottingham vet school and British Horse Society – REACT Now to Beat Colic – which is helping horse owners spot the early signs of colic and seek early diagnosis and treatment.

Resources available on VetReact include information on:

  • the most common clinical signs of colic
  • the essential components of history-taking and physical examination
  • when different diagnostic tests should and shouldn’t be used
  • how to differentiate critical cases on the first examination

The website places a strong emphasis on safety considerations and stresses the information offers “recommendations” not “rules”, which should be considered and applied by practitioners in the context of each individual case.

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