Veterinary MRI and ultrasound imaging company Esaote is hailing the success of its self-shielding O-scan Equine MRI unit.

It says installations of the unit at two major veterinary centres in the US and Denmark have brought excellent results in terms of image quality, speed and return on investment.

Its veterinary business director Cor van der Flier said: “We have received outstanding feedback from two of our customers in very different areas of the globe that invested in the O-scan to offer a significant point of difference from their competitors.

“Both have seen a substantial return on their investment as a result.”

Esaote says O-scan Equine is fast and easy to use, and can clearly distinguish between lesions in bone, ligaments or tendons of the foot, pastern, fetlock and carpus.

The co-owner of one of Denmark’s largest veterinary clinics, Henrik Sten Andersen, said it had performed several hundred scans with O-scan Equine.

“It is particularly useful for soft tissue diagnosis, including imaging within the hoof capsule such as the deep flexor tendon, the impar ligament and collateral ligaments of the coffin joint,” he said.

“The images are excellent for diagnosis where ultrasound or x-ray won’t help as much. As well as being confident in our own diagnosis, O-scan Equine means we build trust with the horse owner. We can show them the scan so they see the pathology for themselves, meaning they’re confident for us to treat or to leave the horse to recover, rather than calling us back a few weeks later, looking for an alternative diagnosis.”

Monty McIntruff, managing owner of the Tennessee Equine Hospital in Nashville, said the scanner was particularly good for identifying articular cartilage pathology, bone edema and soft tissue injury, which some low field magnets could not cope with.

“The images are beautiful and once the radiographer’s report is back in 24 hours we can provide precise treatment, without any ‘wasted time’,” Dr McIntruff said.

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