Seventh report from the EFRACom inquiry calls for more comprehensive legislation to consolidate rules on dog control and welfare.    

MPs have criticised the Government’s lack of action on dog attacks and poor dog welfare.

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRACom) delivered the latest report of its inquiry into dog control and welfare last Friday (February 15).

EFRACom chairman Anne McIntosh said: “Current laws have comprehensively failed to tackle irresponsible dog ownership.

“DEFRA’s belated proposals, published last week, are too limited. Since 2007, dogs have killed seven people, including five children, in private homes.

“The NHS also spends more than £3m annually treating dog attack injuries. Some eight assistance dogs a month, and thousands of livestock annually, are attacked by dogs.”

The report also went on to state more than 100,000 stray dogs are found each year, while incidences of cruelty and neglect are on the rise.

Mrs McIntosh added: “The evidence we received from DEFRA and the Home Office did little to reassure us that either department is giving sufficient priority to dog control and welfare issues.

“DEFRA should introduce comprehensive legislation to consolidate the fragmented rules relating to dog control and welfare. New rules should give enforcement officers more effective powers, including dog control notices, to prevent dog-related anti-social behaviour.”

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