Automated reminder service stores details of your canine and feline friends and sends a message via SMS or email when treatment for fleas or worms is required.

Drontal has launched an automated reminder service so that owners will never forget to worm their beloved pet, or treat them for fleas.
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The service – which owners can sign up to at or via the Drontal Facebook page – has been launched as part of the “Show Your Dog Some Love” campaign, which aims to educate owners on the impact health can have on their pet’s happiness and behavior, while reminding them to worm their beloved dog or cat at least four times a year.
Once details of your pet have been entered, the worming reminder service sends a message to your mobile device via SMS or email to remind owners when the next treatment is required.
The system can store basic information on multiple pets (both cat and dog) and offers personalised advice on the frequency of worming treatement based on species, age and lifestyle. It can also be used to deliver reminders for treatment against fleas.
For those with access to social media, the Drontal Facebook page also provides a community for users to share their love of everything canine and learn more about keeping their pets happy and healthy.

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