A dog that had a large nail deliberately hammered through the centre of its skull before being buried alive has been euthanised by vets.

Dog nail x-ray.
Vets had to euthanise the dog as his injuries were too severe (click to zoom).

The dog was found after passers heard its whimpering from under a mound of earth in what one RSPCA inspector described as the “most horrifying and inexplicably cruel” crime he had experienced in 10 years of working for the charity.

The dog – possibly a Jack Russell or West Highland terrier crossbreed – was dug out alive after being discovered by walkers in Kirkletham Woods in Redcar, Cleveland, but subsequently had to be euthanised.

Information appeal

RSPCA inspector Nick Jones said: “In my 10 years of working for the RSPCA, I have never known anything so horrifying and inexplicably cruel.

“This is clearly a very deliberate act of cruelty and it’s inconceivable to think why somebody has done it to this poor little dog. It’s likely more than one person was involved in this due to the force needed to inflict such an attack.

“He was a white entire male, scruffy-looking terrier type with a curly coat – possibly a Jack Russell or West Highland terrier crossbreed – aged around seven years old.”

Anybody with information or who recognises the dog is urged to telephone the RSPCA inspector’s appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

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caroline sutcliffe
caroline sutcliffe
5 months 1 day ago

And when will the law bring in prison time for scum who do this, the law is far far to soft


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