A veterinary team were left stunned when they discovered a boxer dog called Hugo had managed to swallow a 21-inch riding crop – whole.

The riding crop in its entirety. Photo credit: Vets4Pets.

The dog’s owner was driving him to the woods for his usual walk when she heard him vomit. She took the young dog straight to Vets4Pets in Newton Abbot.

After a thorough examination it was found Hugo had a firm object in his stomach and was taken straight to x-ray.

Hugo’s owner knew the horses tack box had also been in the car, but was amazed to find he had swallowed a riding crop. X-rays showed the crop spanned from his abdomen to his larynx.

Hugo was taken straight to theatre where practice owner and veterinary surgeon Chris Hawkins carefully removed the object with gentle traction from an incision in the neck and gentle guidance from his abdomen via an abdominal incision simultaneously. The object had caused minimal internal damage despite its size and rigidity.

Hugo was able to return home two days later to continue his recovery.

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