A group of 75 reptile owners, zoo keepers and pet shop staff enjoyed athree hour evening event discussing the care of reptiles on July 1.

Kevin Eatwell, a lecturer at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and one of only two people in the UK to hold a RCVS diploma in reptile medicine covered important aspects of captive care.

Kevin EatwellThe event, which took place at the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush Veterinary Centre in Roslin, covered the importance of providing the correct temperatures for reptiles, ultraviolet lighting, vivarium design and suitable substrates. Free ultraviolet light testing and a display of products on the market were also available for the attendees.

Mr Eatwell said: “Appropriate captive husbandry of reptiles is of critical to their wellbeing and the numbers of people keen to take their care to the next level just shows how times are changing. The number of questions and discussion after the meeting continued well into the night.”

The Exotic Animal and Wildlife Service hopes to continue providing evening meetings for exotic animal owners in order to promote the health and welfare of their pets. Further details of future events can be found at www.dickvetexotics.com

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