Vets can now receive an in-clinic PCR result within 75 minutes, thanks to the launch of Biogal Galed Labs’ new PCRun Veterinary Molecular Detection Kit for companion animal infectious diseases.

The heat block (pictured) is used for the amplification process.

Traditionally, veterinary surgeons have had to wait for up to a week for PCR results, due to the need for a specialised veterinary lab with prolonged turnaround times. Conventional PCR testing procedure requires multiple steps, using expensive, time consuming and complicated equipment.

PCRun, however, is a fast, accessible and affordable system that can be used in small animal veterinary lab and/or clinic.

Plus, there is no expensive equipment, such as a thermocycler, needed to run PCRun – you only have to purchase the kits, which contain reagents for the amplification of the target pathogen DNA.

PCRun molecular detection kits are currently available for:

  • canine leptospira
  • Ehrlichia canis
  • Babesia canis
  • parvovirus
  • Anaplasma platys
  • leishmania
  • feline Mycoplasma haemofelis
According to Biogal, PCRun is ideal for veterinary labs, as the detection device gives the vet lab a more quantitative, informative answer. Plus up to 16 tests can be performed in one run, therefore more suitable for a high volume lab.

All kits have been through a rigorous validation process, with trials run at world-renowned veterinary labs.

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