Concerned with combatting the unwanted cat population, Cats Protection is promoting its Kitten Neutering Database (KiND) to help cat owners easily locate the nearest vet who will neuter at four months.

More than 900 practices nationwide have signed up to the database, supported by Cat Population Control Group members RSPCA, Blue Cross, Wood Green The Animals Charity, The Mayhew Animal Home, PDSA, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Celia Hammond Animal Trust, and International Cat Care.

Research by Cats Protection has revealed only 4% of cat owners neuter their cat at or before four months of age.

Owners cited a number of reasons for not neutering or delaying neutering, with 22% of respondents stating it was cruel and 14% fearing it would change their pet’s personality.

Many respondents were not aware kittens can become pregnant from four months of age.

A Cats Protection spokesman said: “Neutering not only has health benefits, such as the prevention of tumours and infectious diseases, but kittens also recover much quicker and the surgery is easier. It can stop male cats from spraying, fighting or straying and female cats wailing when in heat.

“It is common for cat owners to wait until the cat is ‘older’ but cats can get pregnant at a very young age. It isn’t true that cats should have a litter before being neutered – neutering at breeding age and before a first litter is the kindest thing.”

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