BSAVA World Congress will see that UK launch of the innovative BooBooLoon – an inflatable protective pet recovery collar that offers “comfort and protection advantages” over old style ‘Elizabethan’ collars.

The innovative BooBooLoon inflatable protective pet recovery collar will be launched in the UK during the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) World Congress, which will run from April 11-15.

The BoobooloonThe flexible, soft collar offers comfort and protection advantages over old style “Elizabethan” collars, “cones” and other devices that restrict pets from harming surgical wounds and irritating skin disorders.

The collar is being launched at the congress by distributor Complete Veterinary Care (CVC), in conjunction with its US manufacturer, Headroom, on stand 209.

Available in five sizes (from extra small through extra large), the BooBooLoon fits most dogs and cats needing comfortable protection for wounds or skin disorders. It is only distributed to veterinary professionals and pet shops.

Headroom president Marcy Colangelo invented the device when her boxer dog Mitzi had surgery for skin cancer. She said: “I just couldn’t stand leaving that cone on her. It was like putting her head in a tunnel.”

Inspired by her travel pillow, she came up with the BooBooLoon.

“I know the entire CVC Group administrative and veterinarian management team are enthusiastic about their upcoming BooBooLoon inflatable pet recovery collar launch”, she added. “The CVC Group is very experienced and is committed to providing excellent service and quality to the veterinary profession and to independent pet shops throughout the United Kingdom.”

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