The first on-demand vet video consulting service has been launched in the UK.

The service to be offered by PawSquad is the first of its kind in the UK. Photo credit: PawSquad.

PawSquad will, founders say, broaden and improve the way practitioners work and deliver a range of veterinary care services.

Pet owners who use the service will be able to speak to a vet using cloud-based software, accessing advice and guidance instantly at a time and place of their choice, at industry leading prices.

PawSquad co-founder Francesco Cardoletti said: “Advances in technology have completely changed the way people work, communicate and buy goods and services. While the rest of the world has gone digital and mobile, the veterinary industry has yet to harness this powerful tool for optimising patient care and improving professional work-life balance.

“Veterinary practices are still the gatekeepers of knowledge and expertise. But the fact they require patients to visit their buildings mainly during office hours – when our lives are busiest – means pet owners often have to resort to consulting unreliable information online from unknown sources.

“The end result is a system that makes it difficult for owners to balance everyday commitments and their pet’s health needs. At the same time, many veterinary professionals – typically those raising a family – are left struggling to achieve a suitable work-life balance,” he added. 

PawSquad’s launch offers vet professionals the potential to earn as much as they would in a practice while working on their own terms. While it won’t be directly employing vets, PawSquad will be providing liability insurance provided by the Veterinary Defence Society.

The service aims to make veterinary advice – on a range of non-critical areas such as general health, behaviour, nutrition and management of long-term, non-emergency conditions – more accessible.

“It’s important to understand PawSquad is a supplementary service – it’s not replacing traditional veterinary services,” Mr Cardoletti said.

“There are limits to the services you can digitally provide. If an animal is seriously ill, it needs to get to a bricks and mortar veterinary clinic and be examined by a vet,” he added.  

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