Sheep farmers and animal health experts are invited to attend an information day on the latest in sheep health and welfare.

Taking place on November 26 at Yarnfield Park Conference Centre, Stone, Staffordshire, delegates will enjoy presentations from several speakers including:

  • Paul Roger
  • Richard Wall
  • Alex Cook and
  • Lix Genever

Kicking things off will be deputy chief veterinary officer Alick Simmons. The Sheep Health and Welfare Group (SHAWG) – which organised the event – says Mr Simmons will speak on surveillance and horizon scanning, as well as about managing risk at individual, regional and country levels.

“A detailed knowledge of the diseases that are and are not on your farm will allow you to plan your business to maximise profit,” said Mr Simmons. “If a disease is not there you can tailor your buying decisions to ensure you keep it out. If a disease is there you can develop strategies in partnership with your vet to tackle it.

“I believe a lot of farmers live with disease because that’s what they’ve always dealt with. If your lamb mortality has always been at 5-10% you think that’s normal, but if you got it down to 2-3%, just think of the profit that might come from that.”

Mr Simmons said he would like to see more investigation of disease, be it sending blood or tissue samples for testing or asking for a full postmortem, so individual farms can tackle problems and more general trends can be monitored by experts.

Other subjects to be discussed on the day include:

  • practical tips to keep your flock secure
  • new techniques for monitoring disease
  • industry collaboration to control sheep scab

Interactive sessions and hands on advice will also be available. Attendance costs £30, with delegates needing to fill in a booking form.

For more information, visit the conference’s website or telephone the booking line on 01684 892661.

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