Seven companies have been given accolades for the cat-friendliness of their products and services.

Simon Wheeler of Agria accepts the company’s award from ICC chief executive Claire Bessant.

The awards – given by charity International Cat Care (ICC) at a ceremony in London on September 12 – fall into two categories:

  • Easy to Give Awards – these reward pharmaceutical companies whose POM products are easy to administer to cats, with previous winners including drugs in a highly palatable form, smaller tablets, longer lasting preparations or those with an easier mode of administration;
  • Cat Friendly Awards – these are given to other (namely non-POM) products and services that have made a “real difference” to cat well-being and welfare.

Winning the Easy to Give Awards this year were Sogeval for Efex, Merial for Broadline Spot-on for Cats and MSD Animal Health for Canninsulin VetPen.

According to ICC, Efex brings marbofloxacin tablets in different sizes that are small and palatable to cats and break easily to help with accurate dosing, while Broadline Spot-on contains four active ingredients in one product, combining flea and worm treatments in a single topically administered product. Canninsulin VetPen, finally, provides an alternative to the traditional syringe and needle to make giving insulin injections easier, simpler and more accurate for owners of diabetic cats.

ICC chief executive Claire Bessant said cats are “notoriously difficult to administer treatments” to, which is why the charity celebrates “intelligent design and new product development” to overcome this.

“This kind of innovation by pharmaceutical companies is essential to feline health,” she said. “If a drug is too difficult to get into the cat, owners often fail to complete the course, leaving the cat inadequately treated and, as we worry about antibiotic resistance, this is particularly important beyond the individual animal too.

“Struggling with a cat to medicate can put a tension into the owner/cat relationship at a time when owners feel they want to be more supportive rather than be seen as something to fear – health care can become part of everyday routine and not the cause of major stress for the cat and owner if medications are designed to be easy to give.”

Winning the Cat Friendly Awards, meanwhile, was the Sting Free Adhesive Remover and Sting Free Skin Barrier from Trio Veterinary Healthcare, Microchip Cat Flaps from Staywell PetPorte and Sureflap, the Cat Activity Fun Board from Trixie, and Agria Cat Insurance.

According to ICC, Trio’s Sting Free Adhesive Remover is an almost silent spray that helps to release sticky dressings from skin, hair and fur, while Staywell PetPorte and Sureflap Microchip Cat Flaps allow controlled entry and exits from homes for individual cats while preventing the entry of others. They also remove the need for the cat to wear a collar.

The Cat Activity Fun Board, meanwhile, provides stimulation for cats by encouraging them to use their paws and problem solving skills and is robust, stable, non-slip, usable with wet or dry food, dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Agria Cat Insurance is making insurance “more accessible”, covering breeding and waiving age-based restrictions for older rescue cats.

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