A medication offering an alternative approach to the treatment of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) caused by Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida has been launched.

Curacef Duo is a “unique combination” of antibiotic and NSAID containing ceftiofur (50mg/ml) and ketoprofen (150mg/ml), according to veterinary pharmaceutical company Virbac.

Curacef DuoTwo-in-one solution

The two-in-one solution is presented in a ready-to-use suspension for injection at a low volume dosage – 1ml/50kg.

Virbac said Curacef Duo’s combined action can help minimise production losses in calves and offer a quick return to production for dairy cows affected by bacterial BRD, in addition to improving welfare by targeting infection, inflammation and pain.

Curacef Duo also offers a zero milk withdrawal period and an eight-day withdrawal period in meat.

Alternative treatment

Virbac’s large animal product manager Brigitte Goasduf said: “In creating the first two-in-one combination of two tried and trusted actives, the antibiotic ceftiofur and NSAID ketoprofen, we are offering practitioners an alternative to the treatment of bacterial BRD.

“We believe the benefits Curacef Duo offers in terms of efficacy, ease of use and action on inflammation and pain will be valued by practitioners and farmers.”

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