Blyth vet Rory Thomson has thanked everyone who rallied round to help a kitten found with horrific injuries, trapped in a car engine close to the beach.

The car owner, her friend – a policewoman – and passers-by worked with head vet nurse Natasha Banks to free the kitten, called Bella, and get her to St Clair Veterinary Care in Blyth on Tuesday, July 15.

Following initial treatment, one of her back legs had to be amputated, but she is now recovering well and will manage “just fine” on three legs, according to Mrs Banks.

She explained: “A lady had gone out for a birthday drive with a friend. They had seen a red warning light come on in the car so parked at the beach to investigate. “When they opened the bonnet they found a cat trapped and in great distress. It must have been a terrible shock for them.

“The lady and her friend worked to remove the headlight to free the cat and were helped by passers-by and a policewoman, Nicola Raisbeck.

“I drove to the scene and, when I arrived, it was clear her injuries were very severe, so I took her straight to the practice so Rory could assess her and give her pain relief.

“She was not microchipped so my colleagues scoured local ‘lost and found’ websites. Fortunately, they managed to trace her owner – Zoe Anderson from Blyth.

“One of her back legs had been trapped in the car’s fan belt and was so severely damaged she later had to be transferred to the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) to have it amputated,” continued Natasha.

“The good news is she is recovering well and is obviously very happy to be back home. Miss Anderson said: “Bella had never been out of the house before, but somehow managed to escape.

“We were very worried about her and, when she didn’t return after a few hours, we put her name on a ‘lost and found’ website.

“When I received a call from St Clair Veterinary Care, I was devastated to hear what had happened, but was relieved she had at least been found.”

Mr Thomson added: “Bella is a plucky kitten that survived a hideous ordeal. We’re all wishing her the best for her recovery and look forward to seeing her to fit her microchip.”

St Clare Veterinary Care is participating in a scheme run by Dogs Trust that enables dogs to be microchipped for free.

Dog owners wanting to take advantage of free microchipping are asked to contact St Clair Veterinary Care on 01670 457271 to make an appointment.

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