CVOs for the UK, Scotland and Wales have welcomed a report highlighting “significant progress” around cattle health and welfare in Great Britain.

cows-1029077_1920-featThe third biannual report from Great Britain’s Cattle Health and Welfare Group (CHAWG) identified improvements in key areas, including mastitis, lameness and longevity.   

BVD progress

The report also contains a summary of progress on endemic disease control, with advances in eradicating bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) in each country.

For the first time, it also takes an in-depth look at the issues facing the dairy and beef sectors regarding antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Chief vets Nigel Gibbens (UK), Sheila Voas (Scotland) and Christianne Glossop (Wales) welcomed the publication of the report, stating it was as “important as ever” to have a UK-wide focus on disease control, as the implications of the EU referendum were considered.

‘Grasped the nettle’

In a joint statement, the three CVOs said: “With the UK Government placing AMR at the top of its risk register, alongside terrorism and pandemic flu, it is heartening to see the CHAWG, in common with other livestock sectors, has grasped the nettle in looking first at how the cattle sector can better capture data on use of antimicrobials.

“Success in controlling endemic disease is one area of considerable importance, and here we can highlight the CHAWG’s pivotal role in the development and promotion of national disease control programmes.

“These include the launch of the BVDFree scheme in England earlier this year, ongoing progress with BVD eradication in Scotland, the development of a Wales BVD scheme and the Action Johne’s initiative.”

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