PDSA vets have saved the life of a dog that developed a life-threatening pyometra.

Stella was taken to PDSA PetAid Hospital in Cardiff by her owner, Deborah Oak, after she became concerned by her dog’s odd behaviour and the size of her bulging stomach.

Vets examined the dog and, following an ultrasound, she was diagnosed as suffering from a serious infection of the womb.

To make matters worse, Stella was found to have a “closed pyometra”, increasing the risk of blood poisoning as the toxins have no way of leaving the body.

PDSA vets were stunned when removing the infected womb to learn it weighed 2.2kg – around a fifth of 11-year-old Stella’s bodyweight.
Nurse team leader Karen Jones said: “When Stella was brought in she was in a very bad way. It soon became apparent she was suffering from a pyometra and she was rushed in for emergency surgery.
“Pyometra is a horrible condition, but it can be easily prevented through neutering. Too many pets are needlessly developing the condition when it is so easy to prevent. Thanks to more than £500,000 of funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, we’re now able to educate more owners about the risks of these illnesses and prevent other pets becoming sick like Stella.”
Deborah, 34, of Newport, said she was indebted to PDSA for saving Stella’s life.
She added: “When I took her in the vets told me they would need to operate on her straight away. I’ve never been so scared – she’s like my baby and I was terrified I was going to lose her.
“Thankfully, she survived and is doing great now. I’m hugely grateful to PDSA for everything they’ve done for Stella and I now tell everyone I know to get their pets spayed to avoid going through the hell I did.”
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