Ceva Animal Health is hosting a CPD webinar on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to help educate veterinary professionals on sustainable antibiotic use.

Tim Nuttall
Dermatologist Tim Nuttall will present Ceva’s CPD webinar on antimicrobial resistance.

Entitled “Antimicrobial resistance – how can vets help? Using cytology as a patient-side test to reduce antibiotic use”, the online seminar will be presented by dermatologist Tim Nuttall from The University of Edinburgh.

Cytology focus

Taking place at 7pm on 28 February and lasting approximately one hour, the webinar will cover topics such as the implications of AMR in human and animal health and what can be done in practice to help prevent AMR.

It will focus specifically on performing cytology in practice and how it not only helps with reducing antimicrobial use, but also increases practice revenue, provides quicker results and improves client relationships.

GRAM initiative

The webinar will support the launch of Ceva’s GRAM (Guidance for the Rational use of AntiMicrobials) initiative; a practical, reliable, ethical and easy-to-use guide taking vets through diagnosis to initial and long-term antibiotic treatment.

  • To book a place on the webinar speak to your Ceva territory manager or email cevauk@ceva.com
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