Ceva Animal Health has produced a new advisory leaflet about enzootic abortion control and vaccination strategy in sheep, making it easy for vets to explain the best prevention protocols to their clients.

New leaflet: “Keep enzootic abortion out of your flock with Cevac Chlamydia”

It is estimated that around half of the 400,000 infectious abortions in UK sheep each year are from enzootic abortion caused by Chlamydophila abortus. However, timely vaccination programmes can prevent such dramatic losses, says Ceva.

The instructional, eight-page leaflet covers a number of topics, with the help of illustrations, including:

  • how enzootic abortion can spread
  • why prevention is better than cure
  • the importance of timely vaccination of ewe lambs and replacement stock
  • how vaccination programmes make good economic sense
  • the benefits of using Cevac Chlamydia, Ceva Animal Health’s live enzootic abortion vaccine as part of the control programme.

Carol Atkinson, reprodAction’s product manager explains: “Cevac Chlamydia receives consistently good feedback from vets, many of whom have enthusiastically volunteered their praise for the product to our territory managers. We thought a leaflet would be a constructive way to share views, giving vets the chance to hear about the advantages of vaccination and to provide them with the tools to explain to their clients why vaccinating against enzootic abortion is cost worthy.”

Cevac Chlamydia is available in a 50 dose or 20 dose bottle. It’s consistently available to stock and the smaller pack sizes make it convenient to store. It is quick and easy to administer, using the special, multi-dose injector gun

Cevac Chlamydia has been a part of Ceva Animal Health’s comprehensive UK large animal product portfolio for a number of years and is also used widely in Europe and has the advantage of reliability of supply, year on year.

  • For further information contact your local Ceva territory manager, write to Ceva Animal Health Ltd, Unit 3, Anglo Office Park, White Lion Road, Amersham, Bucks, HP7 9FB or telephone +44 (0) 1494 781510.
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