CEVA Animal Health has launched a website to provide veterinary professionals and ownerswith advice on feline behaviour and using feline pheromonesto help combat stress related behavioural and medicalproblems in cats.

Feliway website

The site’s “Veterinary Zone” features a wide-range of information onpheromone communication and stress related medical conditions such asfeline idiopathic cystitis (FIC) and includes details of 16 publishedresearch papers covering the practical application of feline pheromonesin both the veterinary practice and the home.

Sections of the website also focus on natural feline behaviours, suchas facial marking, the signs and consequences of stress in cats, usingFeliway in the home and a useful test to help evaluate the householdstress levels of a client’s cat(s).

Lucy Brett, product manager at CEVA Animal Health, said: “Veterinaryprofessionals are increasingly being asked for information on felinebehaviour and the new Feliway website is packed full of useful advicefor vets, vet nurses and cat owners alike.”

Please log on to www.feliway.com for further information on feline behaviour or Feliway.

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