Ceva Animal Health has launched ConfidenceEQ, an “innovative” gel formulation designed to counter signs of stress or anxiety in horses.

ConfidenceEQ is an exact copy of the equine appeasing pheromone produced by nursing mares, which helps the foal feel safe and secure when encountering new situations and unknown environments.
According to Ceva, this new product has been proven to help horses of all ages to manage new or unexpected situations by replicating this equine appeasing pheromone, and can help build confidence in horses that are facing new or troubling situations such as:
  • loading and travelling
  • clipping
  • changes in routine
  • exposure to loud noises
  • dentist, farrier and veterinary visits
ConfidenceEQ comes in a gel formulation, which is applied to the horse’s nostril 30 minutes before any stressful event. The transparent, odourless gel helps decrease stress levels and focuses the attention of the horse, so it can also facilitate learning.
The gel should be applied just inside the nostril of the horse to enable the pheromone to be inhaled to stimulate the vomeronasal organ (also known as Jacobson’s organ), which is located at the front of the head between the nose and the nasal fossa. In some cases this will generate a “flehmen” response and the horse will curl its upper lip. The effects of ConfidenceEQ will last for approximately 2.5 hours after application.
Claire Russell, ConfidenceEQ product manager at Ceva Animal Health, explained: “Horses become easily stressed by a variety of troubling situations, some of which occur on a regular basis. With our extensive experience of pet behaviour products we are sure that ConfidenceEQ will become a valuable tool to help decrease stress and build confidence to enable horses of all ages to manage new or unexpected situations.”
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