Bimeda has announced the launch of its mastitis infection treatment Multishield Dry Cow to the UK market.

The non-cephalosporin containing dry cow tube contains 100mg neomycin sulphate, 100mg penethemate hydriodide and 400mg procaine benzylpenicillin.

Bimeda technical vet Padraig Hyland said: “With British farming likely to come under increased pressure to reduce the use of cephalosporins, we feel the launch of a non-cephalosporin containing dry cow tube is a positive development for the UK market.”

He said Multishield Dry Cow was effective as a preventive and curative dry cow tube and treated a wide variety of mastitis-causing bacteria.

“With its fast and slow-release penicillin, it offers fast-acting yet prolonged activity,” he said. “The persistence of neomycin in the udder and the fact it works synergistically with the other ingredients makes this a great option for drying off cows.

“In an in vitro study carried out independently on behalf of Bimeda, the antibacterial activity of Multishield Dry Cow compared favourably to a broad-spectrum leading multi-active rival.”

UK sales manager Andrew Lane said the launch followed the introduction last year of the company’s Boviseal Non-Antibiotic Teat Sealant.

“Boviseal and Multishield are part of Bimeda’s rapidly expanding dairy product range,” he said. “While Boviseal acts as a physical barrier to prevent new infection, Multishield Dry Cow treats existing infections.”

Multishield Dry Cow has a meat withdrawal of 28 days and a milk withdrawal of 96 hours post-calving in cows with a dry period of more than 50 days. Multishield Dry Cow is a registered POM-V medicine. Vm: 12597/4058

Each pack contains 120 syringes. For more information, contact Bimeda on 01248 725400.

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